Crown Glass (“Crown”) started its journey into the world of glass in 2009 with very competent founders who have been in the glass business for nearly a quarter of a century. They hold a strong insight into the fine art of glassmaking that goes beyond combining sand and minerals. Crown’s first showroom and factory opened close to the Guruvayoor temple town of Thrissur in 2009, and stable demand led to a second factory-cum-showroom at Kunnamkulam in Thrissur in 2014. A keen understanding of one’s customer base is critical and Crown understands that implicitly. A smart and well-informed customer requires Crown to anticipate emerging global trends and seamlessly matching that with contemporary lifestyle. All eight board members of the company are up-to-date in terms of their learning curve. Moreover, they keep pace with the new trends, where glass has emerged as one of the favored materials in architecture and interior design.

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Unlike the traditional materials used for home décors like wood, acrylic, or cloth furnishing, glass emerges out as the new expert for stylizing homes. With this idea in mind, Crown has done all homework and built a state-of-the-art infrastructure in-house to travel with their clients’ new dreams. Their freshly erected technology for printing designs on glass is one-of-its-kind in Kerala. With this machine, it is possible to print on huge glass pieces up to the size of 10feet by 5.5 feet. One of their special works, which prints a vast sky on glass, is in great demand for roofing now. Recently, they adorn a restaurant wall with a wide and long glass piece printed with Leonardo da Vinci’s World-famous mural painting “Last Supper” which was a raging hit. The Da Vinci painting projected with backlit LED is still attracting tall orders. Eventually, these restless innovations and commitments have transformed Crown into an unquestionable leader in the world of glass. Now they cater to the glass needs of a wide range of customers- from mere residential to the top-most corporates- in almost all parts of Kerala and most predominantly in the middle and northern parts of Kerala.